CCSD21 boosts number of security cameras by 20% as part of summer work

August 3, 2023

Topic: Updates

Among the projects at Community Consolidated School District 21 during the summer break was the installation of additional security cameras across the district’s 13 schools. The total number equates to a 20% increase. 

These new cameras were installed in stairwells and other higher-traffic areas outside of instructional areas where enhanced coverage was needed on the interior and exterior of schools buildings. This project was a  means for the district to improve the overall safety and security of schools, students, and staff in general, according to Chief Technology Officer Mike Frantini.

The security cameras served as part of the next phase of school safety priorities that was originally made possible by referendum dollars, and aligns with the CCSD21 Strategic Plan.  The total cost of the project was $460,000, and will be completed this Summer.