General & Vocal Music

Exploratory classes provide students with an opportunity to gain experiences in creative and real-world applications, while also focusing on Learner Qualities and enhancing student learning with core academic areas.

Cooper Middle School General/Vocal Music
Educators: Mrs. Jennifer Deethardt, Mrs. Jennifer Stash


As music educators, we believe that meeting the needs of each of our students in the key to a successful learning community. Our students possess a variety of skills, personalities, and learning styles. We believe that by varying our teaching methods, we are better able to meet the needs of all our learners. Our lesson designs utilize a variety of media in order to speak to students in their unique learning styles. Students will read materials at their appropriate level, as well as in their primary languages whenever possible. Students will work at their own pace while learning to play instruments in order to meet the needs of students at all musical levels. Music is a universal language with which all students can make a connection. We are committed to having an engaging classroom for our students in a positive learning environment.

General Music Curriculum:
6th grade-
Creating, Performing, and Listening to Music
Instruments of the Orchestra
Create Your Own Instrument Project
Learning to play the Piano Keyboard
7th grade-
Creating, Performing, and Listening to Music
African Drumming and Improvisation
Musical Theater
Guitar Finger-Picking Melodies
Guitar Composition & Performance
8th grade-
Creating, Performing, and Listening to Music
History of Hip-Hop & Rap, Create & Perform Your Own Rap
20th Century Composers and Composition Experiences
Guitar strumming chords & singing songs
Sound Editing in Film and other Music Careers