Allyson Bremer - '98

April 10, 2024

Topic: Meet our Alumni

Allyson (“Ally”) Bremer didn’t have the best time in middle school. “I was really unhappy and never pictured an opening for myself,” said Bremer. That is, until, London Middle School teacher Miss Brand (now Mrs. Thomas) came into the picture. “I connected with her and she had a listening ear for me,” added Bremer. “I didn’t realize what a difference I made in Ally’s life. I loved spending time with her. She was a good student. I’m deeply honored to have been an influence on her and her career path. You just never know the impact you make,” said London general education teacher Lisa Thomas. It was with that connection that Bremer was able to stick through middle school and finish her education. 

After graduating early from Wheeling High School, Bremer took some courses at Harper College and then transferred to University of Illinois-Chicago where she earned a Bachelor of Science degree in psychology and then a master’s degree in social work. Soon after, she worked as a school social worker and then transitioned into private practice before opening up her own solo counseling practice in August 2021. “My experience in middle school was a big reason why I became a counselor,” said Bremer.

Her practice, Cutting Edge Counseling, has been helping CCSD21 students for over two years. Her services are mostly free to students or billed through Blue Cross Blue Shield. “I love what I do and want to give students resources to help them navigate the challenges of adolescence. I like to help students find their passion and guide them toward using the resources provided to them,” she adds. “I want clients to find someone to look up to and ask for help. They don’t have to be an island. They should never give up on themselves,” she says. 

To stay grounded, Bremer embraces a healthy lifestyle by working out at the gym most days at 5:30 a.m., eats healthy foods and takes time off to travel with her family, including her kids, ages 2, 5 and 7. She’s been on several cruises and looks forward to more time helping others.