My Why - Kasia Gold, LMC Assistant

February 20, 2024

Topic: My Why

It’s so inspiring when you hear that someone has found their purpose. They radiate light. They are happy. They are energetic. They connect with others. They contribute to a greater community. Kasia Gold, library and media center assistant at Field and Whitman Elementary Schools, has found her purpose and she is not shy about sharing it with others. 

Mrs. Gold exudes energy, positivity, and light. “I am passionate about reading, literature, and connecting with students through books,” said Gold. “I love to see students read and will do anything to find them interesting, relevant books that they will enjoy,” she adds. In fact, Gold knows what students like and has read many of the books she recommends. She believes in the importance of early literacy; she built up the Hawthorne LMC from scratch, creating a vibrant collection and providing a wholesome library experience to the youngest readers. “I believe that every student can learn and the library is the best place for this to happen,” she quotes a school librarian Michael L. Printz. 

She is also a connector. “As a Polish immigrant who didn’t speak English when first came to this country, I especially relate to the newcomers from Ukraine and Russia,” states Gold. Many of these students face language, cultural, and social challenges. By offering them age-appropriate literature, in their native language, Gold enhances their educational experience while students build essential language skills and adapt to their new surroundings. But it’s not just any book that Gold promotes. “Students want to read popular books like Dog Man, Diary of a Wimpy Kid or Babysitter Club series,” she states. Her goal is to encourage reading by trying to get the right book to the right student at the right time. “I usually guide them to graphic novels because this format is great not only for visual learners but because pictures fill in the language gap and help with reading comprehension, it’s just perfect for English Language Learners (ELL). I just love seeing the growth and potential of the students. I love watching them get excited about books and become confident readers,” she adds. 

For her growth, Gold is currently earning her master’s degree in library science at Dominican University. She also has taken ELL classes from the College of DuPage (COD) and received her Library Technical Assistant certificate from COD in 2011. This was after she earned her first master’s degree in philosophy while a student in Poland. Moving to the U.S. when she was in her 20s, she worked part-time at the Mt. Prospect Public Library, worked as a teaching assistant at her kids’ school, and also volunteered in school libraries. When her position was eliminated at her kids’ district, she came to District 21. “I appreciate the diversity of our district,” she states. Aside from recommending books, Gold also helps students check out books and process new materials. 

In her spare time, she likes to hike, listen to podcasts, cook, and watch sports. She loves music and played guitar and accordion years ago. “I love classical music and love going to symphony concerts,” she states. She travels regularly to Poland to visit her parents. She also recently started a book club with staff members, encouraging the joy of reading and talking about books. For she believes that reading uplifts. “When you elevate the student, you elevate the family. When you elevate the family, you elevate the community,” she describes.

CCSD21 is glad to have Mrs. Gold and even more pleased she found her purpose…her superpower…. her passion. And the desire to share it with others.